Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Black Friday Post to Rule Them All

    There's a lot of releases for black Friday that don't involve standing in line at Best Buy for hours just to have some housewife punch you in the face for the last plasma tv.  You can stay at home, where it's warm and hopefully less violent, and shop from the comfort of your computer.  Here's the rundown.  Take notes.

    Frank Kozik will be unleashing his Smoke version of Kim Jong Il in resin.  These little jerks will run you $35 each and only 30 of them exist.  Be quick with your computer, cause these will go fast as he routinely breaks the Guinness World Record for fastest internet toy sales.  At least he would if they kept track of that sort of thing and stopped messing around with the length of people's fingernails.

    MAD is well versed in the resin game himself and will be releasing 13 of his handmade Modern Hero figures in all black.  They even come lovingly packaged in a wooden display case that has been etched with lasers!  I don't have any lasers at home because my wife doesn't trust me with such things and figures I will try to build a Death Star.  These will cost $300.

    I'm gonna go ahead and warm you.  If you buy this necklace you will grow a beard, learn black magic, and probably just get yourself into some general all-around shenanigans.  That being said, YOU REALLY NEED TO BUY THIS.  This Lurker necklace from Skinner is the perfect accessory to any mugshot/photo with the mall Santa.  They'll be on super sale for only $35 each.

    I'll admit it, I'm a video game nerd.  I have spent countless hours of my life living vicariously through pixelated characters doing things I never could in real life.  Well, some of it I could I suppose, but I don't think I'd have a great time dealing with the consequences.  That's where people like Nathan Drake come in.  He has been captured here in all his plastic glory by Erick Scarecrow.  Only 4 of these exist in this great big world and if you buy one you're entered to win a special all white version that was never made for sale.   

      He'll also have 15 pieces of the Marina figure you see below.  

    Offering yet more proof that vegetables are bad for you, I present you this Black Root Beat from Scott Tolleson.  Does this thing not look like it would wreck your digestive system for years to come?  Only 10 of these angry looking suckers were created and they will be $120.  Get one in his webstore.

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