Friday, November 16, 2012

Winchester Hoot Dolls from Camille Rose Garcia

    I just read Camille Rose Garcia's illustrated Alice in Wonderland book and the art was an excellent addition to the classic tale, giving you much better visuals than those of the Disney movie that will most likely be stuck in my head forever.  So with her work so fresh in my mind it was cool to see that she has a new toy coming out.  It's almost like the universe is working in cahoots with her.  Either that or I've been blessed with the gift of being able to predict the future.  Lets just add that to my already impressive wizard resume.

    This Winchester Hoot Doll comes in three sizes with three varying prices.  There's the Classic, the Jumbo, and the Wee.  I love them and want them all.  And they smell like lavender and cedar and come with a little story book about themselves.  They should be available in her webstore very soon.  

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