Monday, November 19, 2012

Frank Kozik x Mike Egan New Bones Figures Release Today

    Well, I was planning to go and get my haircut today, but then Frank Kozik decides he wants to drop all these amazing releases and now I'm scared to leave the house for fear I might miss them and tumble down a spiral of depression.  But my hair is getting to "homeless" stage so I may just have to forget about heading to my friend in Philadelphia and find a more local option who can ensure that I won't spend all day reading back issues of People magazine and chit chatting about nonsense.  You know life isn't all that bad when this is all you really get stressed out about.

    Kozik is unleashing more of his disturbing, hand painted versions of Mike Egan's Bones figures.  You could pick up the snazzy red Hanta Virus edition, or cool things down with the blue Hypothermia version.  Or buy one of each cause you don't have to choose, this is America after all.  We invented hoarding and snack cakes in 17 different flavors so we don't have to "make decisions" we can just "get them all and eat our way into diabetes and not throw away the wrappers so our houses are filled with 4 foot walls of garbage that may collapse and crush us one day."  So basically, if you don't get one of each you're a sissy communist.  

    These will be released at noon Pacific time today at

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