Friday, November 30, 2012

Sergio Mancini x Outsmart Originals T-Shirts

     The best days are when you neglect to put a shirt on and you convince your cats to let you hold them like babies.  There ain't nothing wrong with a shirtless man cuddling his little feline friends.  Nothing at all.  It's as manly as growing a beard or watching professional wrestling and if you don't think so then you're obviously a woman.

    I don't always wear shirts, but when I do I prefer them to be from Outsmart Originals.  Why you ask?  Because they are designed by toy artists and I have a bit of a toy obsession and I'm guessing you do to if you're reading this right now because this is a website about toys.  This one is designed by Sergio Mancini who makes cool toys and is a cool dude.  If you want to snag one you only have until December 3rd to get in on it.  So go right now and order one from

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