Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halo 4 Statue from McFarlane Toys

     So I just learned that this sucker sold out.  But let's be realistic:  a ton of those sales went to jerks who are going to sell them on eBay, or to people whose wives are going to make them get rid of it because she thinks it's tacky and it doesn't go with their "fantasy unicorns" decorating theme that they both agreed upon when they got married.  So just be patient and you're time will come to get one of these.  

    Master Chief is about to ruin this guy's day.  It's kind of his thing.  McFarlane Toys made 500 of these 14 inch statues for the new Halo 4 game and they sold out quickly at $225 each.  But if you read this far you know not to worry, cause 500 pieces is actually a lot in the collectible toy world and they will hit the secondary market as soon as they ship out.  So you may have to pay a bit more, or it may be stained with the tears of a disobedient husband, but you'll be able to get one if you really want it.  In the meantime disregard your responsibilities and enjoy the game.  

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