Monday, November 5, 2012

Mustache Seedlings from Taylored Curiosities

    Not everyone can grow their own mustache.  I've had one since I was 7, so don't worry about me.  But some people just don't have the ability to sprout that little push broom above their lips.  Sometimes it's genetics.  Sometimes it's because they're women (though if you watch that Honey Boo Boo show that theory is completely thrown out the window).  For those of you that are yearn to have a mustache as legendary as that as Burt Reynolds fear not, because Taylored Curiosities has created away to make you the most manly you can be.

    These Seedlings are growing the greatest crop of all:  mustaches!  Mustaches are the backbone of any great civilization and without the diligence of mustache farmers around the world,  many nations would have never had their chance to flourish.  Only 10 of these are available and they will cost you £10.00 each.  But it is a small price to pay for greatness.

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