Monday, November 19, 2012

Cosmic Godhead Cthulhu by Colin Christian

    There are very few artists today I find as awe-inspiring as Colin Christian.  Normally, he's known for making super tall space girls that I would kill to own, but for this release he's gone a bit darker.  But I would still kill to own one.  Just throwin that out there in case you wanna buy me one in exchange for some dirty work.

    This Lovecraft-inspired sculpture is called the Cosmic Godhead.  It is hand cast in resin, stand 17 inches tall, and is painted so that the color shifts depending on how you look at it.  Only 50 of these exist and you can own one for only $200.  Just send Colin an email at, Tweet him @colin_christian, or even message him on Facebook if you're interested in purchasing one.

    Check out a video Colin made that shows off the color changing effects of the paint and the amount of detail that is in the piece:

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