Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Super Awesome Fun Time Product Review: Mimobot

    It's been awhile since I've done a review so I thought today would be the perfect day to get back to it.  This time around I got my hands on this Uglydolls x Mimobot flash drive.  This dudes name is Ox and he may be missing an eye, but he's still got tons of cash.  Maybe from an insurance settlement?  Factory work is pretty dangerous and an easy way to lose one of your peepers.  Who knows, but I do know that this cashed-up cyclops can remove the top of his skull and allow you to put all your secret files in his brain.  

    I plugged him into my computer and immediately this little light in his butt started blinking, letting me know he was hard at work having a conversation with my hard drive.  A little icon popped up on my desktop and was ready to store all of the documents that I have been instructed to be destroyed upon my death.  But to my surprise he also came with a bunch of stuff for me to check out.  I thought being that he had such a huge wad of cash that maybe there would be some counterfeiting blueprints (there weren't) but he did come loaded with avatars and wallpapers.  Maybe I just didn't look hard enough for the fake money diagrams.  

    So we know that this guy looks cool, and he works great, but how durable is he?  If you're house is anything like mine, it's filled with four-legged critters and chaos.  My cats already assume that everything belongs to them, so it's not really surprising to see one running around with my major credit cards or pieces from my gun collection.  So I needed to call in an expert to see if this little Mimo bro could withstand the inevitable trials and tribulations that awaited him.  Behold the Icarus test:

    Yes, I know my stairs need to be vacuumed but that is completely not the point.  The point, my friend, is that even when doubling as a cat toy, the Mimobot kept my files safe, stylish, and saliva free

   You can get your own in a variety of designs from Star Wars, Adventure Time, DC Comics, and of course Uglydoll.  

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