Monday, February 10, 2014

Akashi 5YL Exclusive from Dave Bondi x Mintyfresh

    It's that time again, where every two years I am fascinated by the Olympics and I can't watch anything else.  The Winter Olympics have always been my favorite because every sport seems like it was created by someone who lived where it snowed a lot and was extremely bored.  I lived down south for most of my life and when you run out of things to do (which happens pretty fast) you start to remember how easy it is to buy ammunition and fireworks.  We passed the time by shooting things, blowing them up, and sometimes doing both.  If we had access to huge mountains and piles of snow we probably would have spent that time doing the crazy stuff that is now celebrated in competition.  We could have been athletes rather than juvenile delinquents.  

    As you've probably figured out by now (if you've ever been to this website before) the above paragraph has nothing to do with this toy.  But it was about current events, so that brings me a little closer to being like the legitimate news.  You've undoubtedly seen this dude from Dave Bondi before, but you've never seen him like this.  This colorway is exclusive to Mintyfresh and is available to buy right this moment!!  There's only 50 in the whole wide world, which is about the same amount of people that can actually explain the rules of curling.  

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