Thursday, February 13, 2014

Help Make Zombitron from Kenth Toy Works and Acolorfulmonster a Reality

    Collaborations can either be amazing or disastrous.  Sometimes you'll get one of the artists taking more control and pushing the other one out, or the designs just don't mesh well and both of their individual styles kind of get lost.  Kenth Toy Works and Acolorfulmonster have found a way to prevent all that and make a truly original toy:  one artist took one side of the figure, while the other took the opposite.  The result is two very unique creatures in one body.  But there' no guarantee that this guy will come to life unless you help out.  They've launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the money together to make this figure happen.  So now you have the chance to not only involve yourself in the production of a toy, but to get some cool rewards for helping them out.  There are blank figures, standard painted versions, and one-off editions depending on your level of contribution.  Check it out by clicking here.   They only have 17 days left so let's get moving people!!!!!!

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