Monday, February 10, 2014

My New Favorite Thing: Super Models with Designer Toys

    Now this is more like it.  This is how I would forever like to think of designer toys.  Not the standing in lines waiting for a new release, not the sweaty people at comic cons who always find a way to offend the senses with their unique odors, and certainly not the flippers who buy up everything and sell it for ten times the original price.  Nope, I want to think that super models would flock to pose with the toys I love so much.  And here is a picture that is bringing that dream to life.  It just so happens to be my favorite super model Coco Rocha (what, you don't have one?) greatly enhancing Kidrobot and Samsung's new MiWe character during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  All of you customizers might as well retire, because you can't make this figure look any better than it does right now.   

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