Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ghost Butler from Peter Kato

    I've been thinking recently that my wife and I should strive to make our house more like Downton Abbey.  Specifically I wanted a cook in the basement that would keep me well fed without me having to make my own meals, but we could probably use a butler too.  Not that we entertain a lot of guests, but it would be nice to have someone at home to sign for our packages and shoo away the door to door sales people.  But it would be weird having someone stand in our living room, waiting for something to do as we're trying to watch tv, so this idea of a ghost butler would work out well.  He'd still be there, but we wouldn't have to feel awkward about it.

    Ghost Butler is the newest resin figure from Peter Kato and will be available for the first time tomorrow, February 6th.  He made 12 of the white ones and 12 violet ones especially for Valentine's Day and they each will be $50.  Help your home more closely resemble an English manor by visiting

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