Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Minions Sets from Paul Kaiju x Skinner x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    I had this dream last night where I laid down to go to bed and for some reason there was this recessed part of the ceiling directly above my pillow.  Inside that space were the biggest, most grotesque insects I had ever seen.  Giant spiders, beetles, and all kinds of other crazy bugs were moving all around and threatening to fall on my face.  In the dream I jumped out of bed and this one flying critter flew over to me and started speaking english, all wanting to be my friend and hang out  with his razor-sharp talons and blood-soaked teeth.  He spoke like he had done really well in school, but that didn't stop me from beating the living hell out of him.  I splattered his bug blood everywhere, all while trying to keep an eye out for his little buddies.  I felt kind of bad about it, but I figured he was a dirty liar who would probably bore a hole through my ear drum and suck out my brain.  This dream can really mean only two things:  either I need to start getting more sleep or I need to stop looking at toys like this before bed.

    Skinner and Paul Kaiju are set to release this brand new series of Minions on an unsuspecting world this week, and Mr. Kaiju himself hand painted these creepers.  They will be sold blind bagged and you will get one of the two sets you see featured above.  They go on sale this Saturday, February 15th, at 12:01 Pacific time only from Lulubell Toy Bodega.  

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