Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Orange Creamsicle Heathrow from Frank Kozik

    You wanna see something cute?  Oh, I guess I should have asked you that before I posted the picture.  Well, no you've already seen it and the surprise is ruined.  Also, if someone ever asks you if you want to see something cute on the internet you should be suspicious and not click on any links because most likely you will see something disgusting that you will never be able to scrub clean from your brain.  There's some really twisted stuff out there and I know this cause I've seen most of it.  Many moons ago I used to work at a radio station and we had unfiltered access to the internet.  Most days were pretty boring so we would all try to find the grossest thing we could and put it as the background on all of the sales people's computers.  If you haven't been an HR nightmare at one of your jobs, you just don't understand how to be employed. 

   Back to actual cuteness.  It's Heathrow from Frank Kozik!!!!  This time he's made out of pure Japanese sofubi and hand painted for your pleasure.  There are 50 of these little dudes just waiting to be mailed to you after they go on sale tomorrow (February 26th) at 2pm Pacific time for the bargain price of $40.  Though I don't have $40 right now cause these cats are eating me out of house and home.  Kozik needs a layaway plan.

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