Friday, February 14, 2014

The Loyal Subject's Optimus Prime Custom Show at Toy Tokyo

    You wanna see some cool, custom Optimus Prime figures? You wanna buy some new Transformers toys before everyone else? You want free food? Well, you might be a little greedy (kidding, we all know free food tastes the best) but you are in luck because The Loyal Subjects and Toy Tokyo are gonna make all your dreams come true this Saturday. Look at all those details right in that picture. Could they make it any easier for you to have a good time? And you could be the first collectors anywhere to get your hands on the new 3 inch Ultra Magnus figure and make all your friends jealous.

    On a side note, I know there's a huge debate about designer toy companies making licensed toys. What I would love to see is a marriage of both worlds by having artists interpret these classic characters and release them as production figures. I know it's probably much harder to make it happen, what with the people that own the properties having to be convinced that it's cool for the brand, but I think it could be successful for everyone involved. What do you think?


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