Friday, February 7, 2014

Smokin' Valentine's Day Poos from Frank Kozik "Release" Today!!!

    The test of any great relationship is whether or not you are comfortable talking about each others bowel movements.  For us men this is not a concern, as poop has been our go to topic of hilarious conversation since the dawn of time.  But when you're a woman you'd like us to believe that there is no part of your meals that goes to waste.  That somehow your digestive system is the equivalent of the American Indians and their favorite prey, the buffalo.  Any unused portions of your food mysteriously are woven into fine linens and trinkets.  Sure, we allow such mythology to exist mostly for our own comfort, but the true test of our bond comes in that singular moment when you look us in the eyes and with four simple words refute any ideas we may have had about why you were taking especially long to get ready this morning:  "I had to poop."

    Finally, we can commemorate this beautiful moment of love's affirmation with this Valentine's Poo set from Frank Kozik.  Each set it handcrafted (gross) in resin (not so gross) and will cost $40 when they go on sale today, February 7th, at 2pm Pacific time.  Only 20 sets were made and they are exclusively available from  

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