Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Andrew Bell x Ferg Misfortune Cat

    I love cats, I really do, but my house is at capacity.  Don't ask me to take your kittens,  don't ask me to house sit your well-behaved leopard, don't ask me to watch those SPCA commercials that make me feel like a horrible person.  We have 5 of our own little buggers and last night was the first time that really hit me.  Mostly because it was the first time they had all been gathered together, waiting for us to feed them canned food (its a treat, dry food is where it's at).  They all sat still, side by side as my wife opened the lid, and when I walked into the kitchen I almost passed out.  We're now officially crazy cat people.

    The moral of the story is that the only other cats that will come into this house will be of the plastic variety, like this Misfortune Cat from Andrew Bell and Ferg.  For $54.95 you can get this 5 inch tall kitty all decked out like a crazy demonic deity, whose favorite way to torment humans is to shove a sword through his head while he does his famous Gene Simmons impression.  Talk about an awkward guest at your next dinner party.  

    "He can't help it Frank, it's how he torments your eternal soul.  Do you want some more green bean casserole?"

     This bad kitty is available for preorder now wherever you like to buy toys.  

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