Saturday, December 7, 2013

Super Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys featuring Nerviswr3k

    My wife has a stomach made of cast iron.  Some of her favorite food in the world can be purchased from little carts that have the sanitary standards of a rest stop toilet.  

"Oh look honey, there's a man roasting some squirrel in an oil drum, let's check out his prices."

    I say that as a joke because I wouldn't actually point that out to her in case she took me seriously.  Once she ate an unwrapped mint she found in a bag of change just to gross me out.  I didn't kiss her for 6 months.  

    I would imagine she has critters like this living in her digestive system that just obliterate any germs she may ingest.  Spoiled food is like a suburban family driving through the worst part of town as it tries desperately to reprogram it's GPS.  You came to the wrong neighborhood son, and you won't be coming back.

   Nerviswr3k and We Are Not Toys made these hand painted resin critters for tomorrow's Super Series Sunday release from Tenacious Toys.  There are 12 regular figures and some chases thrown in just to make it exciting.  Get one blind box for $35 or a complete set of twelve for $350.  That's two figures free if you buy the set!!!!  They go on sale at 6pm tomorrow (December 8th) only from  

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