Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas MonstreApes from Monstrehero

    Forget that Elf on the Shelf nonsense, this Christmas it's all about monkeys!  Let's start a new tradition, where if you're a rotten little heathen all year, the Christmas Ape climbs down your chimney instead of Santa and puts a handful of his own homemade coal in your stocking.  But a little poop in your sock isn't going to stop you from being a terrible person right?  Well, after he drops the ol yule log, he brings the stocking to your bedroom and beats you about the head with it.  Maybe that will make those little brats think twice about trying to run down an upwards moving escalator at the mall.  And speaking of escalator safety, don't stop once you get off the escalator and then determine where you want to go.  Move over to the side so other people are able to get off of those death stairs.  I had to push a dude out of the way because he was barely off of the thing and looking around like it took him to some alien world.  

    Back to business.  Ask for Christmas Apes, and ye shall receive.  Monstrehero just loaded some of these festive primates into their store and they're ready to spread the holiday cheer/poop in your stocking.  Look, they're even holding little Christmas ornaments!  And they're pee pee is out.  You're getting the full monkey experience with these dudes.  Get one for yourself or a loved one at

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