Friday, December 6, 2013

Power Rangers 20 Rangers for 20 Years at Toy Art Gallery


    Most of the time when I post about custom shows I tell you about the day it starts and then you have a month or so to view it in person.  Not this time.  You literally only have this weekend to see these giant customized Power Rangers as part of their 20th Anniversary.  Twenty different ones will be on display from 20 of your favorite artists and Bandai will have really rare Power Rangers stuff on display for you to drool over.  There will also be a pop up shop featuring tons of stuff for you to buy, including a few limited tees from Mishka.  And you can of course buy the custom toys if you like.  This all takes place at Toy Art Gallery in LA and the opening reception is tomorrow night from 7-10pm.  


Lamour Supreme

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