Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Modern Hero Bank in Blue from MAD x Tenacious Toys

    I'm great at saving money.  However, I suck at making money, so there's never really anything to save. It is my curse.  I do however have the hair of a Sears catalog model, so I have that going for me.

    If I had money I would want to keep it in this Modern Hero bank from Mad.  You just lift off his little hat and fill his plastic body with your riches.  I would fill it mostly with rocks and whatever change I find in the parking lot so people thought I was a baller if they tried to pick it up and shake it.  This sucker is huge too, standing a whopping 18 inches high.  And it would be really awesome to walk into the bank carrying this when you have to cash your coins/rocks in.  Tenacious Toys is the exclusive retailer of this blue version and have it up for preorder right now on their website.  They only made 30 of them so act quick sucka and get on the road to successful wealth management.  

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