Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smells Like X-Mas Smoking Poo Ornaments from Frank Kozik

    Decorating with poop is an old tradition that began with the pagans many moons ago.  Their feeling was that life was already pretty crappy, what with an average life expectancy of 20, so let's throw some turds around the house and see if it wards off evil.  It didn't stop evil as much as it invited parasites, thus cutting their life expectancy to 18.  Hey, this is how scientific breakthroughs happen people.   So while the tradition of decorating with your recycled food has been replaced with indoor plumbing, we can pay tribute to those pioneers with these much safer/less disease ridden substitutes.

    Mr. Frank Kozik is up to his usual shenanigans, this time taking over our Christmas trees with these resin poop ornaments.  His stuff is already in every other place in my house, so this is the logical next step.  Though I do wish he would make Labbit-shaped non slip stickers to put in my tub.  He should propose that to his research and development team.  Safety should not only be important, it should be stylish.

    These smokin' coils are sold as a set for $40 and only 25 sets were made.  Get em now at  

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