Friday, December 13, 2013

Blamo Toys 5th Annual Custom Show at Toy Art Gallery

    About this time every year I think the wife and I should pack up the kitties and toys and move.  It's not that I don't like living in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, it's just that it's cold and snowy.  And it is inevitable that if it snows, I have to go to work.  Which means I have to drive surrounded by people who act like they've never seen snow before and close their eyes praying to get to their destination safely.  It's like real life Mario Kart except if you lose you end up getting scraped off the pavement with a shovel.  But then as soon as I think about moving I also remember that I don't like the heat either, so I just give up and watch tv.  

    California seems like a nice place if I were ever to make a big transition.  The weather is nice and it s the center of the designer toy movement in America.  Case in point: Toy Art Gallery.  We don't have anything remotely like this where I live and I would kill to be able to go to all of their shows.  Tomorrow night is the opening reception for the 5th annual Blamo Toys Custom Show and the list of participating artists just about covers the entire toy world.  Everyone started out with one of those Billy figures you see up there and then completely transformed them into something beyond insane.  If you can see them in person you really should, otherwise just sit back and wait like I am until they're all posted online.  

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