Friday, December 27, 2013

GeekWok from UME Toys Releases Tonight!

    Ahhhh time to get back to work.  I hope you all had a good Christmas and didn't get stuck with lots of socks or pink bunny footie pajamas.  I've thus far managed to get toys every year of my life and I plan on keeping up that level of consistency until I'm dead.  You have to have goals.

    Look at this GeekWok from UME Toys.  Now is he really a geek, or is he one of those hipsters that think if they wear big glasses that people will find them interesting?  Ewoks would have been the perfect hipsters because they were already growing their own food and taking Instagram pictures out in the forrest long before it was cool.  This guy looks legit though, and he's probably the one that designed all their fancy tree houses.  Only 20 of these hand made dudes exist and the go on sale today at 9pm GMT through

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