Friday, December 20, 2013

Frankenstein's Monster Bust from Plaseebo

    Of course this bust of Frankenstein's Monster from Plaseebo look great on your shelf, but you can also use it to defend yourself during a home invasion.  This is nine inches tall and made of solid resin that weighs in at four pounds.  Now that might now seem like a lot, but smack some fool upside the head with it and you'll only need the cops to show up to remove the body.  Not that this is marketed as a weapon, but I like to try and find the hidden added value.  It's the same technique I use when the wife and I shop for things for the house.  

"In an emergency, could we use this to kill a man?"

Sharon weighs the object in her hand, then stares inquisitively at my head.

"I think it would crack a skull."

End scene.

   Plaseebo only made three of these and they will be released at on Christmas Day.  

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