Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lizzie: The New Resin Figure from Peter Kato

    Lizards get a bad rap.  Most of it I feel is due to that Godzilla character who's always stomping on poor Tokyo and leaving a general mess of things.  Most lizards will never be mutated by radiation and wreak havoc on our infrastructure, but all we ever see are the one's that are behaving badly.  What about all of their humanitarian efforts?  You never hear about that stuff because the media is biased. 

    Just look at these Lizzies from Peter Kato.  They look more apt to ask you how your day is going than to step on your brand new Buick.  These are the types of lizards that would help you clean up after a particularly messy get together, or offer you sound financial advice when determining just how to invest your 401k.  Each one is completely hand made and limited to 15 pieces for this inaugural offering.  Get one for yourself this Thursday, July 10th, at midnight for $35 from  http://peterkatoshop.com/.

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