Thursday, July 10, 2014

X-Ray and Pink Eye 8-Ball from Radioactive Uppercut

    Is there a much grosser disease than pink eye?  It may be easy to cure and may not lead to any crippling deformity, but as far as nasty things go, this ranks up there.  And it's ridiculously easy to catch.  Did you know that the evil that causes it can live on a surface for 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!   Stuff that can literally kill you can't survive outside of the body for that long, but pink eye is stubborn.  Go ahead, rub your eyes right now, I'll wait.  

   Radioactive Uppercut is proud to present these two newest incarnations of his 8-Ball figure.  Both of these suckers go up for pre-order tomorrow, Friday July 11th, at 8pm Eastern time for $40 each.  They will each be made to order, so if you don't buy now, you don't get them, which will probably ruin your summer.  They're only available from  

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