Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ultra Time Suck of the Week: The Hobbit Lego Game

    I need to go to full on Lego video game detox.  These games are like visual crack.  I beat the story of the game in no time and all would have been well and good but then my obsessive side kicks in and I am determined to get every little thing in the game and finish it at 100%.  I'll promise myself I'm only gonna play for a half an hour when I get up and the next thing I know is it gets dark again and my wife comes home to find me sitting on the couch, eyes blood shot, and muttering about how I just need to play a little longer to get the blacksmith plans to make the mithril fireworks bow to give to the elf so 
he'll give me the red brick that gives me twice as many studs that I can then turn around to spend on new characters that I will never play as but I need them to fill the blank spaces on my roster.  Send help.  

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