Thursday, July 3, 2014

Super7 Exclusives for SDCC 2014

    There's only one reason to go to San Diego Comic Con and it's not waiting in line for days to see a panel or that unique odor of 100,000 people crammed in one place during the Southern California summer.  It's for the crazy toys that companies produce just for this event that will never see the shelf of a toy store.  Super7 unveiled their exclusives for this year and I would punch your grandmother in the mouth to own them.  First up, check out that sweet Alien egg.  You's think that would be enough by itself, but it opens up to reveal a special uber rare figure.  These are sold blind boxed for $25 and you can only buy 4 of them, so hopefully you've paid tribute to the plastic gods and they will smile upon you with what's inside.  

    So now you've got your armful of Alien eggs and nowhere to put them.  If only they created a sweet playset where they could be nurtured and then hatched into little evil space demons.  Oh, would you look at that.  Look how much fun those kids are having, turning every human in the galaxy into a walking incubator.  There are only going to be 250 of these made and are strictly limited to one per person.  

    Girl, I got something real important to give you.  It's a gimp in a box!  But it's not just any gimp, its that pleather-clad weirdo from Pulp Fiction that has probably made you uncomfortable since you first saw him.  Well, now you can have your very own Gimp ReAction figure in a little wooden crate.  Limited again to only one per person, this naughty little monkey can be yours for $25.

    Oh good Lord this is a lot of vinyl!  Alright, I'm a bit overwhelmed so lets just handle these guys in list form so you can have all the pertinent details at your disposal:

Caveman Dinosaur- $35

Mongolian - $65

Crystal Mecha - $95

Fossila - $95

Mummy Boy Adventure Set - $65

Honoo- $35

     I think there's gonna be more stuff too but my head is spinning and I should probably lay down before I fall over on a cat.  Get all this stuff at booth #4945 or get yourself one of those toy mules.  But be specific that it's not necessary to bring the toys back the same way they would, say, something illegal.  Things could get messy.  

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