Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peruse the SDCC Wares of Frank Kozik

    By this time next week all of the attendees of San Diego Comic Con will be bankrupt and suffering from what is called the "nerd flu", which is transmitted by being stuffed like sardines into big convention spaces.  But don't worry, it's rarely fatal.  Once your germs stop arguing about whether or not Star Wars is superior to Star Trek they usually just move on about their business.  Frank Kozik will be there trying not to get sick while selling you lots and lots of neat stuff he made, like these Clockwork Carrot figures.  He's got some of the originals left for $125 and the new Supervillian edition for $145: 

    Or maybe you're more of a bear person, I don't know your life!  Check out this matte black Dim Bear for $145 with awesome gold beat down chain.  

    Do you like adventures and mysteries, cause William, Henry, and Reginald here look like they're about to do some exploring/sleuthing that will probably lead to epic hijinks and other words you won't ever use in a sentence in your daily life.  This is the Heart of Darkness edition, which leads me to believe their quest will take them beyond the family friendly realms of PBS and into the seedier underbelly of HBO.  For $110 you can make up your own gripping tales of suspense, intrigue, and scandal!

    Ooooooh I like this.  Heathrow is looking like a rare treasure in clear blue vinyl.  And he is pretty rare, cause only 50 of these were made and they will be $40 each.  

    Ahhhh more clear blue vinyl!  Look how it shines like the Hope Diamond.  And it's probably equally as cursed.  I think I need a light box to display my clear toys, cause this setup is just too nice.  This is that wow factor that people will see when they come into your home and make them forget all about the cat smell.  25 of these sets of Hateballs were made and can be yours for $65.  

    Are two Hateballs just too much commitment for you?  Do you not feel you'll be able to love them both equally and show them the attention they need to flourish in this cold hearted world?  How about you stick with one big one that glows in the dark.  He's unpainted and will run you $40.  If you buy enough of them you could hang them from your deck and create party lights.  If you have any friends that would come to a party, which I don't and no I don't wanna talk about it.  

    The future is kinda stupid isn't it?  It's mainly stupid cause we'll miss out on most of it.  Sure, we'll get to see the immediate future, like lunch time and whatnot, and we'll get to see what remains of the future until our mortal bodies give out like broken down flesh sedans, but the way way future is completely lost to us.  It's a complete rip off.  At least we don't know what we will be missing, which is nice.  Plague victims were never like "Damn, guess I won't be around to Tweet or take selfies."  I need to get more sleep.  

   You need a lavender resin Gipper in your life.  Just trust me, it's all part of the bigger picture.  Only 50 were made and they cost $40.  

Visit Frank at booth 5051 starting today!

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