Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Ceramic Statues from Robin Van Valkenburgh x DKE Toys

    I love going to estate sales.  Not only can you find some amazing stuff on the cheap but it's kinda fun to snoop through people's houses without fear of the cops being called.  Yeah, so people clean up before you get there and throw out the most scandalous stuff that may or may not indict them in criminal or at least questionable activity, but it still feels like you're doing something wrong which makes it fun.  I think all the crap I own would make a pretty killer estate sale, but the jokes on you cause when I die I'm having the whole house burned down with everything in it.  Unless my wife is still alive, then that would be in poor taste.  Then she'll have to make sure it's torched when she goes.  It's the ultimate collector's dream, to ensure that no one else ever gets your cool stuff.  I'm takin my toys to the pearly gates, son!

   This is the kind of stuff I would kill to find at an estate sale.  I love the crazy ceramic work of Robin Van Valkenburg and these two new figures will be exclusives from DKE at San Diego Comic Con.  These would make great additions to my future funeral pyre.  


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