Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Milk Choco and Dark Choco Miyu Square Cosplay from Toy Tokyo x 3A

    Alright ladies, I know you're working hard on your costumes for San Diego Comic Con, but if you are stuck on who to dress up as may I suggest you take inspiration from the photo above.  Or really any of the girls from the world of 3A would be fine with me.  No need to thank me,  I'm just here trying to be your costuming muse for the sake of the greater good.

    I love that someone has finally made a convention exclusive toy that takes into account the culture of convention going.  And not only that, but 3A have combined two of their popular characters in doing so.  Toy Tokyo has these Milk Choco and Dark Choco Miyu Square Cosplay figures on lockdown and they are limited to 50 pieces each.  So if you want one you better get to booth 5337 early cause these ladies will most likely be pretty popular.  

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