Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blushing Snybora from Chris Ryniak x Rotofugi

    I shouldn't be telling you about this because I really want one and I feel you will buy them all before I get the chance.  But if I didn't tell you I would feel guilty because you'd find out about it from some other place that doesn't put as much love into the toys they write about and my heart would hurt knowing that I subjected you to something so boring.  Here's what you could have read if I didn't write about it:

"Hey this is cool.  Info info info. "

    See, boring.  But no, I put my all into everything I write because I value you as a reader and enough crap already bores me to tears, like paying taxes, getting my oil changed, vacuuming, wearing pants, grocery shopping, making diner, etc etc.  I don't want to add something else boring to our days.  So I'm gonna spice this guy up for ya, even if that means that you buy them all and I can't have one.  I'm like a martyr or something.

    Chris Ryniak and Rotofugi have put their powers together to create this Blushing Snybora.  This guy is so sick!  Look at how the black paint makes the sculpt pop!!!!  I need one, like right now!  But alas, I must wait until they go on sale this Thursday at 11am Central time at http://www.rotofugi.com/.

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