Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rose Vampire Off Road Casket Cruiser from Super7

    One year for Valentine's Day my wife and I wanted to do something different.  So instead of the usual go out to diner, buy flowers, and eat chocolates until we were diabetic, we went to see monster trucks.  It was the best Valentine's Day ever!!!  And I almost got into a fight with this volunteer fire fighter who had these obnoxious kids that kept jumping around and landing in my lap which made me quite uncomfortable but then when I said something he got mouthy so it was about to go down but then he realized that he hadn't actually had enough beers to give him enough courage to want any part of this so he sat back down and I was able to watch giant trucks crush little cars in peace without having to stomp the life out of a hillbilly in front of his young kids and wife.  Not that I would have felt bad about doing so.  

    This Off Road Casket Cruiser from Super7 just brings back all of those romantic memories like someone has opened the floodgate of my heart.  Get one today for $65 from and relive your own romantic redneck moments.  

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