Friday, February 8, 2013

Custom Toy of the Week: Skinner

    You can buy these Guumon customs from Skinner today at noon Pacific time.  There are only 3 and they are $200 and they will sell out instantly.  Why?  Because they have been blessed by the paint of bizarre art royalty that's why!!  Skinner just has to look at them a certain way and their value increases.  I met him at New York Comic Con and after he shook my hand I cured a child afflicted with rabies.  True story.  

    I mean, look at the love and care he put into these guys.  He even hand made the header cards.  Sure he could have sent one of his dozen minions down to Kinkos, got them to use the "chiller" font from Microsoft Word, and called it a day.  But no, he sat down, with cat in lap, and hand painted them.  Even the packaging is art!  Invest in the best toy you will ever own by visiting

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