Friday, February 1, 2013

Custom Toys of the Week: Blinded By Love Blind Box Series

    I live near Atlantic City but I never partake in the casinos.  You wanna know why?  Cause I hate losing money.  Any time I've ever lost money I think about all the things I could have bought with it instead of putting it into a machine with the hopes of hitting it big.  I'm a sucky gambler unless I know I'm gonna walk away with something, which I suppose defeats the purpose of gambling.  But if you fancy a game of chance with the guarantee of still getting something cool, then I have something for you.

    Dave Webb and a bunch of his fellow customizers put together this Blinded by Love custom Munny blind box series.  For $100 you get one of the customs you see above, plus you'll have the chance to score a golden ticket and get an extra one for free.  They go on sale February 5th at 5pm through

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