Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyborg Labbit from Frank Kozik x Chuckboy x Kidrobot

      I was in a state of mild depression when the original version of this was released at last year's San Diego Comic Con and then every jerk bag in the world posted them on eBay for a gazillion dollars.  I figured this was just something I would never own and I had to come to terms with it.  But then I went to Toy Fair and saw this guy and the dark cloud of despair was lifted from my life.  That was also around the same time they upped my meds, so it's hard to tell which event had a more profound effect.

    Behold the Nemesis Edition of the popular Cyborg Labbit from Frank Kozik and Chuckboy.  This 7 inch bunny with a cyber smoking problem is coming out on March 14th from the folks at Kidrobot.  They made 1000 of them and they will cost $60.  

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