Monday, February 18, 2013

Bog Zeroth from Meta-Crypt x Critical Hit x Lulubell Toys

    This guy will inspire countless metal anthems in drop d tuning.  He will be tattooed on the arms of sweaty bros whose shirts have had their sleeves removed.  He will be airbrushed on the sides of vans that you would never park next to when you visit the mall.  He is Bog Zeroth!

    Meta-Crypt (Brian Ewing and Hateball) and Critical Hit (Skinner) put their evil little minds together along with Lulubell Toys to bring forth this unholy monstrosity.  I know you want one so let's get to the details.  Since there are only 12 of them they are holding a lottery for the chance to purchase one.  Starting today at noon Pacific time you can email with "Crypt Lottery" in the subject line.  You must also include your name, full addresss, and your PayPal email address.  The lottery closes on Wednesday at noon Pacific time at which point they will randomly select the winners and email you.  Then you gotta pay up the $110 plus shipping.  

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