Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Forest Warlord : Himalaya from Bigfoot x Dragatomi

    Two yeti toys in two days?  It's crazy right?  Those idiots on Bigfoot Hunter or whatever that show's called can't find any, but here I am with my second in as many days.  Maybe I should have my own show.  It would be called "Oh, Look at What I Found" and in one 30 minute episode I would find Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, a butt ton of ghosts, Chupacabra, tons of vintage items to sell in my pawn shop (without having to call an expert), Jimmy Hoffa in a storage locker that someone didn't pay the bill on, a family of raccoons in your attic, and every car up for repossession in the tri state area.  I would put entire networks out of business.  Give me a call Oprah, and I'll save that sinking ship you call a network sweet cheeks.

    My second Sasquatch comes courtesy of the artist named Bigfoot and Dragatomi.  The Himalaya version of The Forrest Warlord is freakin huge.  It stands almost a foot tall and has a cool ice club that he can crush your skull with and suck out your brains like a juice box.  He releases on Wednesday, February 6th through http://dragatomi.com/.

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