Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Yeti Mini Marshall from 64 Colors x Rotofugi

    Normally, I stay clear of any big hairy thing that is hell bent on trying to love me.  It's just one of those weird personal rules I have.  Call me crazy, but it has served me well thus far in life.  So this guy makes me a tad nervous, though luckily he is actualy quite tiny and I could step on him if he tries to get too fresh.

    64 Colors and Rotofugi are releasing this special Love Yeti Mini Marshall just in time for Valentine's Day.  Maybe I'll get one of these for my wife, cause if you ask me other Valentine's Day presents are just asking for trouble.  Sure, girls love diamonds, but so do muggers.  You think I'm ever gonna hear the end of that one if she gets robbed for her sweet diamond necklace?  And flowers die, which could be a bad omen for your relationship.  Chocolates make you gain weight and no man can afford for their lady to buy an entire new wardrobe because of a misguided gift.  You see what I'm getting at here?  This guy is the safest of all presents you could possibly get that special someone in your life.  Or someone's if you're scandalous.

    The Love Yeti goes on sale Tuesday, February 5th at 11am Central time at for the low low price of $7.95.

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