Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unpainted Glow In The Dark Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    Did you miss me yesterday?  I was in the great state of Virginia visiting my grandparents, but I was thinking of you guys the whole time.  Well, part of the time, but I made an effort.  Our relationship is nothing if not abusive dear reader.  

    What do we have here?  Oh nothing, just the new glow in the dark Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser from Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery.  And it looks like I came back just in time, because these release today at noon Pacific time from  Pollen Kaiser stands at a mighty 10 inches tall and will run you $155, while his little buddy Luftkaiser is a mere 4 inches tall and is bargain priced at $45.  Limit one of each toy per customer.  Don't let me see these on eBay either or I'll send someone to beat you.  

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