Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Releases from Outsmart Originals

    Outsmart Originals releases new shirts faster than this humble one man show can keep up with them.  So what I've done is compiled all of the new shirts that I missed here together for you so that you can stop buying your shirts at the Goodwill and pretending like someone didn't die in them.  

    First up are two designs from Frank Mysterio.  You like wrasslin?  You like Aztec gods turned into street artists?  Then you better get on these.  

    Next we have this one from DGPH.  That little dude is called Ultra Mole and I think he's gonna kick the crap outta that cyclops.  If there's anything I've learned in life it's that you can't trust somebody with one eye and horns.  Always leads to disaster.  

    And finally we have this Tusken Raider/Raiders of the Lost Ark mash up from Scott Kinnebrew.  This idol is a lot better than that piece of crap Indiana Jones almost got killed for.  Cause not only does it appeal to collectors of artifacts, but it appeals to Star Wars fans, who would probably pay more than any museum would for it.  But then again, Star Wars hadn't been created yet in the time period that Indian Jones takes place, so I guess the guy was just working with what he had.  Still, he could have retired if he found one of these in the package and in mint condition.  

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