Thursday, February 14, 2013

Purple Cadaver Kid and Blood Sacrifice Usir from Splurrt

    Why must all good things come out at around the same time?   It never fails that anytime there's a toy I want about 10 others will follow right behind it just begging me to love them.  I just bought something last week, and there's a few things on the horizon that I'm planning to snag, but then this comes up and I have to figure out how to make it all work.  Cause I need this.  

    I've been in love with this Usir figure from Splurrt since I first saw the sculpt he was working on.  And this one looks like he's ready to start a killer band from Norway and sing about the old gods and frighten your parents and probably send you down a spiral of crime and self destruction through subliminal messages from the devil.  You know, everything that makes a band worth listening to.  He's coming out this Saturday, February 16th at  Price and time TBD.

    You could also get a purple Cadaver Kid this Saturday if that's more your speed.  Paint him up or leave him the way he is, either way he makes a great companion for your desk at work.  No one will ever steal your pens again cause they'll figure you're a loon.

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