Friday, February 1, 2013

Pseudomorphism: Blobpus vs. Paul Kaiju at Toy Art Gallery

    Toy Art Gallery would be reason enough to live in California.  It seems no matter when I check my email, they have some cool event going on that I get to drool about from 3,000 miles away.  Maybe they should open an East Coast location and they could have simultaneous toy shows, or they could treat it like a small town movie theater and we could get to see all the cool stuff 2 months after everyone else.  Either way I'm cool with it and just so every knows, this was my one genius idea for the day so don't expect too much more out of me.  My brain must rest now.

   This crazy show opens tomorrow night and will feature the works of Paul Kaiju, Blobpus, Hanawa, and Yamomark.  You wanna see crazy toys that are like an LSD nightmare come to life?  Then this is the place to be.  Scroll down a bit and you can get a quick preview of what they'll have there.

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