Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paul Frank x Play Imaginative

    Fact:  monkeys are hilarious.  There is very little about a monkey that is not funny.  Throwing poop = funny.  Wearing clothes = funny.  Any form of monkey stuff = funny.  Of course I have plenty of monkey stories, but some aren't fit to print because the monkeys did such shameful things that they can't be told without a serious disclaimer.  They were still funny, but not until I was well out of range of whatever horrible thing it was they were doing.  

    One time the wife and I were spending the day wandering the Philadelphia Zoo when we made our way to the gorilla enclosure.  They have a very spacious outside as well as an indoor dwelling that is larger than any house I will ever own.  While inside we were watching this gorilla poking himself in the butt with a stick and laughing about how this couldn't possibly get any better when up walks an Amish family.  The gorilla all of a sudden drops his stick and walks up to the glass and examines them like they're the first people he's ever noticed.  It was really weird and it made me wonder if zoo animals get just as excited for seeing different types of people that they've never seen before.  Like, in the gorilla's mind was he thinking "Holy crap it's Amish people.  I've never actually seen them in person."    It would probably blow his monkey mind if conjoined twins paid him a visit.  

    So the moral of the story is we all love monkeys.  Paul Frank knows this and has created quite a good living based on it.  Play Imaginative also knows this and that's why they have teamed up to make monkey toys.  They will have vinyl ones that you see way up top there before I went an rambled on.  And they will have ones on their Trexi platform as you can see at the bottom.  My favorite is the Evel Knievel one on the right.  Just because.  

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