Monday, September 9, 2013

Back To School Cavey from A Little Stranger

    Remember when you were little and you were excited to go to school?  Yeah, me neither.  That ended for me the moment there were no longer nap times and toys to play with.  But now that I no longer have to go I get pretty excited about it because I live in an area that's big with tourists and that means they're going home.  No more out of state drivers who can't decipher the admittedly-stupid New Jersey road systems.  The boardwalks are nice and peaceful, the stores less crowded, and kids have something to do besides stand in the street and look at you like you did something wrong when you honk for them to move because you're not trying to damage your nice car or spend time in jail for vehicular homicide.

    Cavey is excited to go back to school cause he likes to learn.  And he's got a thing for that school cafeteria pizza.  Fifty of these little guys will be released today (Monday, September 9th) at 8pm London time and each comes with a Cavey cube and an enamel badge.

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