Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dead Folk Arcana Print Set from Skinner

    Hey, you there.  You wanna become a cosmic wizard, capable of raising the dead and always succeeding in your fantasy football league?  Then you have to start with how you decorate.  Posters of Bob Marley and Boondock Saints ain't gonna do it for you bro.  Not only are you not harnessing your inner necromancer, you're limiting your potential suitors to girls who can't go out of the house without their lucky sweatpants.  You gotta man up, tune in, drop out, trip the light fantastic, and decorate your abode more like the temple it should be and less like a smelly dorm room.

    Skinner is gonna be your spirit guide into your home makeover with this set of Dead Folk Arcana prints.  You get five mind expanding prints that will tear your soul from your body, spit on it, and then shove it partially back in like when you try to repackage something and it never ever fits the same way as it once did and you kinda give up and just leave it the best you can which is not nearly as good as those factory guys did it cause at least they could get the lid closed and probably didn't disappoint their families nearly as much as you do with your ineptness.  They're limited to 30 sets and come numbered in a nice folio to protect them and you get it all for $120.  The path to your greatness has never been more affordable.   These go on sale tomorrow, September 27th, at noon Pacific time.  Get em here:

This is a sample to get you hooked.  That tingly feeling in your gut?  That's your magic coming out.  Or a bad burrito.  

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