Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breaking Bad Pink Teddy Bear Eye Keychain from Mezco

    Maybe I've been a little obsessed with Breaking Bad recently.  My wife and I powered through the entire series in two weeks and are now completely up to speed with the new episodes.  We added it up and we watched two days worth of television.  Two days!!!!!  It was worth it though as it is the greatest  show I've ever seen.  And it's proven helpful in real life too, as I remind my coworkers who piss me off that I could get a giant plastic barrel and a couple bottles of acid and fix any disagreement we may have.  Suddenly, I seem to be getting my way more and more.  

    I am more stoked about this keychain than any other keychain that's ever existed.  Even more so than that Spuds McKenzie one I begged my mom to buy me when I was little.  I didn't care that is said Bud Light on it, I just liked the dog.  

(This is the exact one I convinced her to get me that just went unsold on eBay.  For some reason I was not allowed to take it to school.)

    Mezco will have this pink teddy bear eye available at New York Comic Con in October.  If you can't go they do have a limited amount available to order through their website.  And it's only $7.47!!!!! I'm guessing the price is based on the Boeing 747s that crashed together and dropped this guy and other debris into Walter White's pool.  I told you I'm a bit obsessed.  

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