Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Meth Lord from Blockheads Toys

    Personal Breaking Bad update:  I am now into season 5.  It's taken a lot of hard work and I've had a great team supporting me through these few weeks of watching the entire series.  Two days worth of my life have now been signed over to Netflix and I regret nothing!!!!!!!!!  Surprisingly enough I didn't need to actually use meth to stay up all night and watch episode after episode.

    You know what I love?  Ok, you may not and that's probably for the best incase the cops ask you, but one thing is when someone takes a classic character and lends their artistic interpretation to it.  The Meth Lord from Blockheads Toys is that kind of toy that makes me happy to write about.  They've created ol Heisenberg out of the very substance he created and that has taken over his life.  He is consumed by it; by the money it makes him.  It's genius and you can own one of these in either "Heisenberg's Stash" or glow in the dark versions.  Preorder one of these suckers right now by visiting

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