Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jedi Ghost Edition Heathrow from Frank Kozik x Urban Vinyl Daily

    You wanna know what was especially crap about George Lucas tweaking the original Star Wars movies?  Trust me, a lot was crap, but I thought it was really really sucky that when Anakin dies he gets to live as a ghost as a young dude, while Obi-Wan gets to chill in the afterlife as a senior citizen.  Anakin was old as dirt when he died and he was a pretty crappy person in life, while Obi-Wan was Mother Theresa with a lightsaber.  Talk about getting the shaft on that one.  

    Frank Kozik and Urban Vinyl Daily are releasing this Jedi Ghost resin edition Heathrow today at noon Eastern time.  And they glow in the dark.  That's pretty cool right?  Thirty five bucks will get you one at

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